Guide to Server Jicin

Server Jicin is an independent information service for the town and the district of Jicin, Eastern Bohemia. The site has these major parts:

1. The Town and the Region.
This section gives the basic information about the town and the region, including various addresses, traffic information, registers and much other. You have to attain a small knowledge of the key words in Czech because most of these pages have been linked to their original Czech version using an English index or a clue.

2. Programmes and Events.
In this section, programmes of local clubs, theatres, cinemas and other institutions can be found for each month. Again, an English legend is followed by links to the Czech pages.

3. Various
This part of Server Jicin is dedicated to various contributions that cannot be classified into the previous two sections. In the Czech version, regional press is found here, as well as local news and contributions of our readers. Please feel free to supply us with anything you deem useful for this section and for other readers of these pages.

Other important activity carried out at Server Jicin is focused on local and regional topography, mainly the regional press and supply of local historical records on Internet. We regret that these pages will, for clear reasons, remain for a long time in the Czech language only; however, if you feel that this is of interest for you try our Czech site or contact us. Our present work aims at making available complete 20 years of two local literary and topographic journals, which includes scanning & Recognita jobs as well as spell-checking, itemizing and indexing work. Also some photographic material from various resources will be added soon.

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