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Information Service for the Town and the District of Jicin, Bohemia

The main square, a postcard
Jicin – the main square, Valdická Clock Tower, the Church and the Palace. A postcard picture by Otakar Hrdlička.

Server Jicin is an independent information service for the town of Jicin and the district of Jicin, Eastern Bohemia. The site is maintained by private persons. So far its major part has been in the Czech language only, but we are preparing an English section to provide information for foreign readers. Server Jicin has been on the Internet since January 1998.

We will be glad to provide you with any information concerning the town and the district, although so far there have not been many English pages on this server. You can contact us on e-mail anytime (delete the numerals). For specific searches you can try our own search engine. The general overview of the complete web site is given here.

We thank you for your visit and hope to be helpful to you.

Our e-mail is (delete the numerals). If you want to send us a fax you can use 00420 493 533482. Mail address: Server Jičín - TPC, Revolucni 1062, 50601 Jicin, The Czech Republic.

Linguistic note: The town's name is correctly spelt Jičín - if you don't see the "C" and second "I" with an accent over it, your character set does not support Eastern European code page. The correct pronunciation is like "yitcheen".
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