The Town of Jicin and its Region

We are sorry that not all of our pages have been available in English. However, most of the Czech pages still can be used with a little effort.

If you look for basic information about the town, you can go to the official site of the Townhall. They have a sufficient English section providing all the basic facts.

Here is a list of our pages including the information of their language:

Basic information – unofficial general information in English.
Traffic information – how to get in and out by public transport. Gives an English index to Czech data pages.
History – brief list of the most important data in the town's history. In English.
Address book – a telephone directory of local subjects. An English index to Czech directory.
Internet sites – internet sites of subjects with the main office in the town. Czech only, but many of them have an English version.
Map of the town – an interactive map at Geodezie CS, and a map with street search in Jicin. The Czech street index is here.
Programmes and Events – an English guide to a Czech index of events in the region.
Pictures – aerial views of town parts. Nice! English version under preparation.

In Czech only: Index of house numbers, National Heritage – instruction declaring general protection of historical area of Jicin incl. a map of zones.

As for the District of Jicin, no official site has been established so far. You can use some of our pages (if they are finished):

Basic information – provides basic facts about the district, in English.
Place index – includes even very small villages. Czech only!
Maps – maps of the largest towns in the disctrict incl. street search, map of the region.
Internet sites – all internet domains belonging to subject resident within the district. Czech only. Many of them have an English section.
Pictures – photographs from various locations in the district. English descriptions will be added soon.

In Czech only: Natural reserves, National Heritage – protection instructions for all sites in the district incl. maps of declared areas, local archaeology, coats of arms of places in the region, local press.

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